Claims Management

Our mission is to provide the highest quality claims handling services while maintaining the lowest possible claim cost. In order to accomplish this, all claims must have careful and thorough investigation of all facts and circumstances surrounding the loss in a prompt manner.


  • We Average a 60% Reduction in Claims Cost
  • Return 94% of Employees Back to Work Without Lost Time
  • Close Claims Quicker Than the Industry Average
  • We Close Claims Quicker than our Competitors (90 day avg.)
  • Employer Involvement with Every Claim
  • Aggressive Fraud Stance on Every Claim
  • One Adjuster Start to Finish
  • Only 1% of Our Claims Were Litigated Over the Last 5 Years

The Difference:

  • Claims are assigned to the dedicated adjuster within minutes after being reported.
  • Employees are referred to an employer selected physician who diagnoses and sets realistic limitations for the injured worker.
  • Physician’s diagnosis and treatment plans are obtained by our adjusters
    within 24 hours of the initial treatment, allowing the adjuster to challenge time off before indemnity is triggered.
  • Our adjusters compare diagnosis and treatment plans using diagnostic codes to those contained in our medical limitation database (ODG-Official Disability Guidelines) and coordinate appropriate modified duty.